Ākonga (student) Health and Wellbeing

IMPAC is committed to supporting our ākonga (students) and meeting our obligations under the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021


Education Pastoral Care Code

The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 covers all domestic and international tertiary learners at universities, Te Pūkenga, Private Training Establishments (PTE), and wānanga. The Code covers students who are studying online, offshore and/or in workplace-based settings.

The Code for learner wellbeing and safety sets out the roles and responsibilities of tertiary education organisations (TEOs) including IMPAC in promoting and supporting your wellbeing, development and educational achievement.

Under the Code, IMPAC will help you be:

  • Safe, physically, and mentally.
  • Respected and accepted for who you are.
  • Supported in your learning and wellbeing.
  • Connected with your social and cultural networks; and
  • Able to have your say in decisions about services.


To read more about the code please go to:



Ākonga (Student) Wellbeing Goal

Our wellbeing goal

Our ākonga (learners) get home from training, to their loved ones safe and well.

IMPAC, our clients and ākonga (students) are a team and together we will meet this goal by taking all reasonable practicable steps to support and protect the wellbeing of one another including:

  • Creating an inclusive learning environment that supports understanding, acceptance and connection for all.
  • Upholding and respecting the cultural needs of ākonga (learners).
  • Respecting and uplifting each others mana.
  • Facilitating the building of connections during the course to develop and grow support networks in industry and the community.
  • Supporting and encouraging safe work practices.
  • Providing a physically safe learning environment.

Resources for Physical and Mental Wellbeing

IMPAC will endeavour to help support our ākonga (students) to stay healthy and keep safe where possible including sharing knowledge of community resources.

NZ Health System 

How to Find a Doctor OR DENTIST

  • Healthpoint 
    Provides up-to-date information about healthcare providers, referral expectations, services offered and common treatments

Maternity Services


  • Are you okay  (Family Violence)

  • Directory of Women's Refuges
    Women’s Refuge provide support and information when you’re dealing with violence in your life. Services include crisisline, safe house, advocacy and support, relocation help.

  • Directory for Violence / Anger Support and Education
    Includes organisations that provide programmes and educational training to help people with violence and anger management issues. Services for men, women, children and teenagers

  • Pet Refuge
    Pet Refuge provide temporary shelter for pets from around New Zealand affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse.

Mental Health, ADDICTION AND Emotional Support Services

Services that are available via telephone 24/7:


Cultural support

  • Directory of Kaupapa Maori Services
    Kaupapa Maori means living through tikanga – emphasising Maori culture and values, while being inclusive of people from all ethnicities and backgrounds

  • Ethnic Support
    Includes ethnic societies, cultural groups and trusts providing cultural, social and practical support.

General Personal Health and Wellbeing


Other Resources and Guidance

IMPAC will endeavour to help support our ākonga (students) to stay healthy and keep safe where possible including sharing knowledge of community resources.

What to do in an Emergency

If you need help from the Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand or you need an ambulance dial 111 and the emergency operator will connect you to the right place.

Other resources that may help you to prepare are:



Keeping Safe in New Zealand

Financial and emergency assistance

other advice and guidance


Understanding Discrimination and Harassment

IMPAC Ākonga (Student) Handbooks

   IMPAC Ākonga (Learners) Handbook
   Download (pdf)

   Certificate in Applied Workplace Health and Safety Practice - Learner Handbook
   Download (pdf)

   Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Leadership - Learner Handbook
Download (pdf)

   NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety - Learner Handbook
Download (pdf)

   NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational H&S Management Professionals - Learner Handbook
Download (pdf)

   IMPAC Pathway Guide
   Download (pdf)