In addition to setting out the optimal path for your specific challenges, our consulting services also involve extensive reviews and audits. These are designed to provide an accurate assessment of your current, desired or required position. Health and safety advisory services in New Zealand play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of employees and the compliance of organisations with safety regulations. We take pride in providing independent specialist expertise, tailored to answer your most pressing questions from an expert standpoint.

We understand that not every business requires a full-scale consulting process. At times, all you might need is a risk assessment or analysis. That's why we're always ready to serve as a reliable sounding board, offering expert advice when you need it most. Our team can guide, coach and mentor you through complex health and safety regulations, including manuals, policies, template forms and coaching to establish effective practices. IMPAC offers various resources, training courses, software and resourcing solutions to help organisations enhance their safety practices.

Advisory services:


Gap Analysis

Primary Purpose – The primary benefit of a Gap Analysis is to show you if you can sleep easy at night in the knowledge that you are doing everything necessary to ensure your people return home from work, safe and well, to their loved ones every day.

Primary Outcome(s) – A Gap Analysis provides a written report setting out:

  • An independent, specialist perspective on whether or not there are major gaps in your knowledge of, and ability to manage the health and safety risks in your business  
  • A high level health and safety risk profile for your business
  • If all of the Critical Hazards and associated risks that could lead to people being serious harmed have been identified
  • If adequate controls are in place to protect your people from Critical Hazards and associated risks
  • If adequate systems and processes are in place to ensure changes in your business don't present new critical hazards that could harm your people, and
  • A series of recommendations setting out how to close any gaps.

Health and Safety Review

Primary Purpose – The primary benefit of a Health and Safety review is to enable you to understand the state of the H&S practices within your organisation so you can either:

  • Be confident arrangements are in place to keep people safe, or
  • Be aware of problems so you can plan to address them. 


Primary Outcome(s) – A Health and Safety Review provides:

  • An overview of the H&S performance and practice in your organisation
  • Information you can provide your Board or other stakeholders
  • Information about how your organisation measures up against best practice guidelines
  • Practical advice about what you need to do and next steps.


H & S Management System Review

Primary Purpose – To provide a strategic review that looks at the practical effect of the wider H&S systems that are in place.

Primary Outcome(s) – A Health and Safety Management System Review provides you with an understanding of:

  • The risk profile of your business including the consideration of the acute, chronic and catastrophic risks covering the full range from machinery to long term health risks to your staff and contractors   
  • The performance of key safety processes based on the planning and execution of a range of activities within your organisation
  • The state of the ‘soft skills’ and processes required to make your H&S systems really work.  This includes effective oral and written communication, coaching for success, supervision and leadership, driving continuous improvement, providing praise and feedback etc.

Health and Safety Audits

Primary Purpose – Health and Safety Audits give you the comfort of knowing how specific areas or activities within your business are performing against the standards required to minimise risks or potential harm.   

Primary Outcome(s) – Health and Safety Audits provide:

  • Spot checks of specific areas or activities within your business to understand whether these meet the standards required or previously established
  • Pre-audits before you are externally audited to help you identify and fill gaps.


Annual Audits

Primary Purpose – To provide boards and executive teams assurance that the potential for harm is reduced because your organisation's Health and Safety practices are undergoing a regular audits to ensure they are safe or potential issues are identified and addressed.  

We regard Annual Audits as an essential if Boards and executive teams want certainty. 


Primary Outcome(s) – An Annual Audit provides

  • An examination of 11 critical management system elements your most significant hazards to formally verify that your health and safety management systems are being implemented at each site.
  • A report that can help guide an annual safety improvement plan, setting out the key activities required to protect your people, achieve compliance and improve business operations.
  • An assessment that qualifies as an ACC WSMP self -assessment which is required to be done annually.

Critical Risk Reviews

Primary Purpose – The primary benefit of a Critical Risk Review is to identify and address those key risks that most likely to cause harm to staff, contractors or the public.

Primary Outcome(s) – A Critical Risk Review

  • Identifies the Critical Hazards and associated risks that exist
  • Provides an analysis of the type and level of Critical Hazards and associated risks present and options to address those risks
  • Provides a recommended course of action to effectively and efficiently address any gaps.