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The balance in moral risk | IMPAC health and safety 55

21 June, 2019

Many decisions in life and at work are not clear cut but require an evaluation of risk. An unwillingness to take any risk leads to paralysis, missed opportunities, and passive errors (not doing what ought to have been done). Excessive risk-taking leads to recklessness, expensive consequences, and active errors (doing what ought not to have been done). Read more

The Safeguard conference starts tomorrow | IMPAC health and safety 54

27 May, 2019

This year’s Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference starts tomorrow, Tuesday 28 May at SkyCity, with a key highlight being the New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards. Read more

IMPAC celebrates 20 years | IMPAC health and safety 53

9 May, 2019

IMPAC is the country’s leading provider of health and safety solutions – but the success didn’t happen overnight. Here, Tom and Richard discuss the early years, trials, tribulations, and triumphs, and what they think the future of health and safety in New Zealand will look like. Read more

How safe and healthy are you at work? | IMPAC health and safety 52

17 April, 2019

This year, World Day for Safety and Health at Work is on Sunday 28 April. The day serves as a timely reminder to take stock of your health and safety while at work, and to consider the areas that you and your business could improve in. Read more

ACC grant applications are now open | IMPAC health and safety 50

28 February, 2019

Applications are now open for ACC’s workplace injury prevention grants. Read more

Major commitment from ACC to drive health and safety initiatives | IMPAC health and safety 49

31 January, 2019

ACC has announced that they have earmarked $22 million over the next five years to help businesses reduce workplace injury through Workplace Injury Prevention Grant and Subsidy programmes. Read more

Congratulations, Dr Haibo Yang | IMPAC health and safety 48

24 January, 2019

Congratulations to Dr Haibo Yang, IMPAC’s Head of Business Intelligence, who recently completed his PhD. Read more

Staying safe this summer | IMPAC health and safety 47

21 December, 2018

With the summer holidays almost upon us, now’s the perfect time to think about what we can do to be sure we’re still looking after our health and safety in the silly season. Read more

Top recognition for Dan Davis | IMPAC health and safety 46

12 December, 2018

Dan Davis, one of our Health and Safety Specialists, has been recognised as one of the best and brightest of the younger generation in health and safety management. Read more

Mental health at a high level | IMPAC health and safety 45

28 November, 2018

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. But, according to the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, leaders are often unsure what they should be doing in this space. Read more