We are New Zealand’s Health + Safety experts with unrivalled industry experience.

We understand your H+S challenges and are the best equipped people in the market to find solutions that work for you and your organisation. 

  • Health + Safety is all we do, and what we know best.
  • We were founded in 1999 and now you’ll find us all over the country. We have offices in Auckland, Napier, Wellington, and Christchurch, as well as representation in other regions and towns.
  • We have over 100 staff nationwide — our team has the capacity and the knowledge to provide support where it’s needed.
  • Many of our people have a practical background in business and health + safety. They’ve been there and done that and know what works best.
  • We provide a full range of health + safety services — consulting and advice, training, safety management software, contractor pre-qualification, H+S recruitment, and specialist safety equipment through Safeworx.


Latest News and Insights

Learning from Mistakes: A Compilation of New Zealand Workplace Incidents and H&S Training Shortcomings

28 March, 2024

Robust workplace Health and Safety (H&S) training is not just a legal obligation or simply a box to tick; it is fundamental to protecting human lives and maintaining organisational integrity. Across New Zealand's many industries, it becomes increasingly evident that the consequences of inadequate H&S training reach far beyond the confines of any single incident. A look through some real-life New Zealand workplace scenarios, where the absence of adequate training has left an indelible mark on individuals, communities, and businesses... Read more

Proactive vs. Reactive: The Benefits of Pre-emptive H&S Measures

29 February, 2024

When it comes to workplace health and safety, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads between proactive and reactive approaches. Proactive measures involve identifying and mitigating potential risks before they manifest, while reactive measures respond to incidents after they occur. Read more

ESL +IMPAC Scholarship Awarded: Mia Alunno presented valuable NEBOSH study grant

12 February, 2024

As a proud Network Partner of NZISM’s Emerging Safety Leaders, +IMPAC is thrilled to provide a valuable opportunity for a budding health and safety professional to study the internationally recognised NEBOSH International General Certificate, up to the value of $13,500. Read more