PREQUAL was developed in 2011 as a joint initiative between IMPAC and a group of New Zealand businesses to:

  • Address industry concerns with approaches to contractor pre-qualification, and
  • Deliver a comprehensive service that adds value to the overall contractor management process.


To ensure PREQUAL continues to meet the needs of industry, a Steering Group made up of industry representatives (many of whom were involved in the original development) meet regularly to guide the ongoing direction of PREQUAL.  

The Steering Group currently consists of senior health and safety and procurement leaders from Housing New Zealand, Auckland Council, Refining New Zealand, Air New Zealand, Fonterra, and Meridian Energy.  


WHAT IS prequal?

PREQUAL is an independently managed service that:

  • Removes the hassle of assessing the health and safety systems and other critical measures used by a contractor,  
  • Provides a manager (or employer) of contractors with an indication of a contractors’ ability to perform work safely, 
  • Enables a contractor to demonstrate they have been independently assessed and can be trusted to work safely and to get the job done.



PREQUAL combines the experience and expertise of some of New Zealand’s leading Health and Safety Practitioners to provide an effective and affordable cross industry contractor pre-qualification service.

  • It's been bench-marked against both international best practice and local experience.
  • It was developed with reference to pre-qualification processes at: BHP, Rio Tinto, Construction Line, the Contractor Health and Safety Scheme in the UK (CHAS), the Federal Safety Commissioner, Carter Holt Harvey, Fonterra and Air NZ.


Why do I need PREQUAL?

Employers of Contractors - Managing contractors effectively is crucial to your company’s operational, legal and financial performance - As well as ensuring everyone gets home safely.

Contractors -  Businesses who engage Contractors require them to undertake (or have undertaken) some form of assessment before they can secure the work.