When it comes to prioritising the health and safety of your employees and the smooth operation of your business, IMPAC is here to help. We offer comprehensive health and safety support services designed to empower your organisation with the tools and expertise needed to create a secure working environment. We provide practical solutions, assess and run audits - all to focus your business on the right priorities to effectively manage health and safety risks and issues unique to your industry. We understand that each business is different, which is why our services are tailored to address your specific needs.

In addition to our custom solutions, we outsource skilled Health & Safety specialists who can seamlessly integrate into your organisation to manage and coordinate H&S activities or programs. With their expertise, your business gains a dedicated resource that not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also cultivates a culture of safety excellence. We also excel in managing key processes to minimise risks, offering peace of mind to both you and your employees. Whether you're looking to enhance safety protocols, streamline procedures or manage contractor safety, we partner with you to help you achieve your health and safety goals efficiently and effectively.

Support solutions include:


Developing H & S Management Systems

Primary Purpose – To keep people safe you need robust and effective health and safety management system that reflects the nature of your business and the environment you operate in.   

Primary Outcome(s) – Our experienced consultants have worked in all types of businesses and industries and can assist you to develop your system from whatever stage you are at. 

  • We can work with you to develop new systems or refine your current H & S systems,
  • We can build H & S systems to meet the requirements of AS/NZ 4801 and ACC WSMP standards as well as international standards such as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001.
  • We can also help you integrate your system with our unique Risk Manager web based compliance software to automate and simplify many of the routine tasks that can take up so much time.


Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Primary Purpose – To keep people safe they need to know how to work safely.

Primary Outcome(s) – Our experienced consultants have worked in all types of businesses and industries and can assist you to develop standard operating procedures that will empower your people to work safely.  

We can develop robust and practical standard operating procedures that are designed with you to ensure they meet the needs of your business.   

Outsourcing - Providing H&S Specialists

Primary Purpose – To keep people safe it is important to have access to appropriate expertise.  Sometimes you may employ permanent Health and Safety Specialists, but in other situations this may not be feasible or you may require additional expertise to complement existing staff.

Primary Outcome(s) – Access to additional external health and safety expertise to help you achieve your health and safety objectives on a short, medium or long term basis to:

  • Establish new health and safety frameworks,
  • Progress specific projects,
  • Support existing health and safety staff,
  • Fill in while you are recruiting permanent staff.

Contractor Safety Management

Primary Purpose –  The primary benefit of our Contractor Safety Management solution is to help you ensure the contractors you employ operate safely and wont put your people or themselves at risk.

Primary Outcome(s) – To enable you to make a more informed selection and provide you with the peace of mind that you have engaged contractors who will get the job done safely. 

Our  PREQUAL solution takes care of the heavy lifting involved in pre-qualifying contractors , giving you all the information you need about contractors' health and safety capabilities.

This solution includes:

  • Assessing the risks contractors pose in your business,
  • Qualifying the H&S practices of current and potential contractors
  • Saving you the hassle and admin costs of accessing contractors’ information, chasing documents and maintaining up to date records,
  • Frees up your internal resources to focus on other important business matters.