"I recently attended a Management of Contractors training day run by Impac and am pleased to say that it was good value for money.  The trainer was knowledgeable and professional, the course content was practical and the course training manual is a very useful take away resource.  I didn’t mind doing some homework because it ensured that I put in some effort and could verify what I had learnt."

Graham Neate - Compliance Manager, CRT Farmlands


Puhoi Valley Cheese Ltd, Goodman Fielder  

"We believe that sustainable improvements in performance can be achieved by extending health and safety knowledge and competency through all functions within an organisation.

The IOSH Managing Workplace Safety Course, delivered by Impac, covers a wide range of health and safety topics, and is designed to demonstrate how these should be integrated into normal everyday work activities, rather than being considered to be add-ons.

Our Production Manager and Logistics Manager attended this 4 day training course and were both impressed by the content, detail and professional delivery. This course has provided them with a good grounding to go on and have a more hands-on health and safety role in future, and they are already actively involved in area hazard reviews.

We have plans for further attendance on this course from our site and would recommend it to other organisations seeking similar improvements."

Bob Russell - Safety, Health & Environmental Manager, Puhoi Valley Cheese Ltd, Goodman Fielder


Metro Glasstech

"The Impac training manuals have become a very useful tool to us. We have been using them at our H&S meetings to educate our members. Over the last month we have had group discussions on the 6 key duties of employers. Instead of one person explaining this to us we got groups of 2 to explain each one. What a success. Now that we have this underway we will proceed through the rest of Book 1 and so on. So I have to say that your courses have made a good impression on me and now we are taking it a lot further. Thanks to the Impac team". 

Neil Murrell - Metro Glasstech, Wellington


Southern Cross Hospital

"We recently completed (our on site) Health & Safety Training representatives Stage 1 at Brightside Hospital. Our facilitator was Moni Hogg and she was great. The course provided both a good overview and detail of H & S in the workplace, any complacency they may have felt before the course was dissolved into new vigour for things H & S and we now have a group of reps with a much deeper understanding and who are champions of our workplace Health & Safety. The videos used were excellent and clearly demonstrated H & S principles or lack thereof. I have already seen new learning's being demonstrated in the workplace. Feedback we received from the course participants was great. Thank you once again to Moni and Impac Training Services." 

Linzi Sargent - Quality Facilitator, Southern Cross Hospital, Brightside



“  I would like to pass on my commendations to IMPAC for the two Stage I H&S Representative training sessions held at MIT on the week 10th – 14th March 2014.

The presenters Andy and Megan facilitated the sessions well, capturing the attention of the employees in an entertaining manner. A number of the existing reps commented that it was good to have a refresher presented in such a way.

The association of current law with indications of what may be coming with new legislation ensured principles were being learnt and I personally appreciated the opportunity to link our current practice along with the theory being taught, hence ensuring that the representatives transitioned theory into practice easily once they got back to the workplace.

We look forward to hosting the Stage II training sessions.” 

Paul Harper -  MIT


Pan Pac Forest Products

“  I just wanted to say thank you for helping us get the last two blocks of the OSH course together at such short notice. As always, the Impac trainers were fantastic and courses very well presented. Despite all the rain we had when Len was on site, his section still went off incredibly well and the guys just loved the practical aspects. When we’ve done confined space training in the past it’s been purely theoretical and this came in as a breath of fresh air! While some courses work well in a classroom based setting, the working at height and confined space standards were exceptional in a more practical format. Pat is like part of the furniture here and everyone was really happy to have him back again – he has this amazing way of bringing the most mundane topics to life! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone enjoy courses that have a big legislative focus as much as our guys enjoyed them with Pat presenting. And Dan’s knowledge and understanding of health and safety topics is incredible. Some of the information in the Hearing Conservation course was quite in depth and he had this amazing way of using simple analogies to explain complicated concepts. He really made the courses he presented interesting and used rich media to drive concepts home. We have been so impressed with the service provision from IMPAC”

Vera Rabe - Pan Pac Forest Products


Department of Corrections 

"Our organisation is complex and our staff are exposed to some very unique health and safety risks. Impac have been exceptionally responsive to tailoring their health and safety training to our staff needs. This has definitely helped give us assurance that staff are prepared to deal with the various health and safety issues which inevitably arise in our business. Staff who have received the training comment that the facilitators have obviously taken the time to know our business and that the training they provide is relevant to the situations our staff face. The health and safety training provided by Impac has always been extremely professional and dealing with the account managers has always been a pleasant experience." 

Katrina King - Acting Manager Health & Safety, Department of Corrections


Griffin's Foods 

"  Health & safety training is only ever as good as the person delivering it.  When I look for safety training for the business I not only look at the content but also the experience of those delivering the training; I want people who can relate the practical side of health and safety with true life experiences.  I have used Impac on several occasions to deliver training for me and have never been disappointed, they take the time to find out where the business is currently and where we want to be, what our obstacles are and how they can help us overcome them; to me they are more than just a training provider they are a training partner."

Andy Graves - National Safety, Health and Environment Manager, Griffin's Foods


NEBOSH Testimonials


Gemco Construction & Trades

“Completing the IGC Occupational Health and Safety course was the best decision I made to further my career in workplace H&S. The tutor (Dan Davis) delivered a curriculum that was complete, relevant and above all, the content was able to be effectively introduced into the workplace with the full support of management and staff alike. I highly recommend IMPAC in their course delivery, and the NEBOSH curriculum for those seeking continual professional development in the H&S sector.” 

Ash Zachan - Gemco Construction & Trades



My name is Kayt and I wish to put forward my personal experience of the  influence that the National Examination Board of Safety and Health International General Certificate provided by Impac Services.

I had been considering my future career path as I was working in frontline Para-medicine on Ambulances both in Australia and New Zealand. I wanted to move out of the acute setting of health provision and wanted to focus my energies towards a more broader but aligned area of health delivery. In the past 2 years I pursued courses within the Health and Safety setting, I started with a 2 day course in ‘Health and Safety Representative Training Stage 3’ carried out by Impac Services. Although I was not representing my workplace of the time I did this to gain insight into Health and Safety and its requirements within the workplace and to also determine if this is truly what I wanted to do. It did. I then personally pursued the NEBOSH IGC Course starting in July 2013 with Impac Services to further my understanding of Health and Safety, this was delivered by Andy Evans. I was introduced to a deeper understanding of Health and Safety systems and its global framework and although I was not from a Health and Safety background I did manage to pass. I can attribute this predominantly to an excellent instructor with exceptional skills in imparting the necessary knowledge and required style requested by the British  assessors.  This was assisted by a sound programme committed to achieving  successful results from its participants.

I have now successfully landed a position with Worksafe NZ as a Trainee Health and Safety Inspector and I believe my qualification NEBOSH IGC provided by Impac Services was instrumental in gaining this position in which I am extremely grateful for as it is an exciting and dynamic time to be setting out in a new organisation (Worksafe NZ) that has new energy and focus to ensure the health safety and wellbeing of NZ citizens in places of work. 

Catherine Fitzpatrick - WorkSafe



A key objective for me and my organisation for taking the NEBOSH International Diploma is to gain competence and capability in international best practice in HSE management for a Kiwi-owned high reliability organisation like ours. I found the coursework delivered Mike and Dan to be extremely comprehensive yet easy to understand and provide very good leads to further information a candidate may need to have a deeper grasp of the subject, as well as insights on how these may be practically applied in an organisation. Mike impresses with his broad and high level of knowledge about the subject and makes sure candidates appreciate the Why’s of key management principles and approaches. Dan has a lot of insights into how to learn effectively, the practical application of knowledge gained, and the examination technique. All these aspects are key for the self-directed learning and written examinations that follow after the coursework. The NEBOSH exams themselves are just snapshots the what a candidate knows and wouldn’t do justice to the breadth of knowledge gained from the course itself, the blended learning that follows, and the greater benefit of real competence developed when applying these in the workplace. 

Joromi Guantero - Z



An excellent qualification for anyone working in health and safety presented in an open and inclusive way by some of the best professionals working in New Zealand currently. Support is always available for anyone who needs it once the tutorial has been completed. The course notes are a quality reference and form the basis of the knowledge required.

Mick Bates, OpEx


Dempsey Wood Civil

The course covers a broad range of topics, some of which I had a limited understanding. Make no mistake the course is challenging and required my commitment to extra hours of own time research and study. The materials and support by the Impac Tutors and intranet site really helped in completing the “homework” assignments. At the time of doing the course I felt overwhelmed with the volume but very quickly realised that for me personally steady progress was better than a huge amount at the end. I enjoyed getting to know my course colleagues who have become part of my Health and Safety network I highly recommend the International Diploma (NEBOSH) for anyone who genuinely wants to make a difference to ensuring people are not harmed or suffer ill health through effective risk management in the workplace

Rae Camons - Dempsey Wood Civil



"Apart form giving me a formal qualification in Occupational Health & Safety, the International General Certificate has given me the added confidence that I now have a qualification which is internationally recognised. I was very happy when I learnt about this course because such a qualification was missing from the New Zealand scene."



"Excellent course, thank you! I would thoroughly recommend! I have done heaps of H&S training but found this the most valuable, informative and beneficial course I have attended, I would definitely advocate others to attend this course."

Brian Perry - Civils


Wellington City Council

"Great course. The facilitator was willing to explain things to me in areas that I had little understanding being a newby to H&S."



"This has been one of the most useful courses I’ve attended (and I’ve been on many!) The facilitator was able to easily impart technical information for all knowledge levels present. Many thanks!"

Mark Bang - Fonterra


"Excellent content and examples with some great discussions."

Paul Shaw


"Impac are great at providing excellent tutors."

Donna Ellis