To date, testing has not discovered any microbe that Liquid Guard® does not defeat.

Liquid Guard® has been independently tested and verified for performance against common viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, algae, and yeasts. This includes both the Influenza A and TGEV Coronavirus – SARS CoV.

The tests were carried out by EUROVIR Hygiene Laboratory. This is a well-respected German laboratory that carries out antiviral/antibacterial tests of products and measures for their effectiveness against microbial activity (viruses and bacteria) according to German and European (EN) standards, and German as well as European guidelines.


  • Environmental Protection Authority New Zealand approval
  • ISO Standards - 11998
  • ISO Standard - 11507A
  • MPI C22 New Zealand approval
  • HSNO New Zealand approval HRS002670
  • 100% rated Excellent by Dermatologists

ISO 11998: Hard Surfaces - 40,000 Cleans on Glass, 20,000 on metals, 5,000 on plastic or 4 years.

Textiles - 10 Deep Hot Washes on Fabrics/Textiles or up to 1 year

ISO 11507A - Weatherproof up to 2,000 hours (correspond to 3-4 years)


Yes, in short, it does. It kills viruses using a physical kill (sharp nano swords), not a mutagenic effect like disinfectant chemicals which require the correct chemical balance to be struck to ensure a positive kills against certain pathogens.

Liquid Guard® anti-microbial coating is certified to kill the TGEV Corona virus and Influenza A viruses on surface contact.

Liquid Guard® has gained and funded international certification on the prominent viruses, particularly respiratory viruses like Influenza A (COVID-19 is also a respiratory illness).

Lab certification of a virus requires the strain to be fully characterised as was the case for certification on TGEV-Coronavirus, a member of the Coronavirus family. The scientific name for COVID-19 is Corona SARS-2vY and the TGEV Corona virus is the model structure of Corona SARS-2vY.

Liquid Guard is in the queue waiting to be tested at one of Asia's leading test laboratories against COVID-19. Such laboratories are currently inundated with work however we are confident that Liquid Guard will be found to be effective and will confirm its certification as soon as we’re able to.

New Zealand leading Clinical Microbiologist, Dr Arthur Morris, has stated

Covid-19 is the illness caused by the virus named SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2). Liquid Guard is certified to kill TGEV-CORONAVIRUS. This is the model virus used for the coronavirus family, which includes SARS-CoV-2 the cause of Covid-19, in disinfection testing.

Furthermore, its effectiveness against Influenza A, Klebsiella pneumoniae (Pneumonia) and tens of other bacterial microbes confirms its valuable contribution to continually reducing the chances of co-infection from surfaces alongside Corona SARS-2vY. It is the co-infection risk that can place those most vulnerable (with underlying health conditions) who contract the disease at the greatest risk.

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