Liquid Guard® is 100% transparent, permanent, self disinfecting and anti-microbial coating, lasting more than 12 months.

It consists of LIQUID GUARD-CLEANER+PRIMER and LIQUID GUARD-TREATMENT, and once applied (via wipe-on, spray on, or fogging), it forms a long-lasting, wear resistant ultra-thin layer of amorphous glass (circa 150nm – 300nm). This leading technology won the prestigious 2019 German Innovation Award.

The unique and innovative bactericidal and viricidal properties are proven by independent and accredited laboratories. It also prevents odours, the growth of mould, fungus, and yeast. Liquid Guard® protects nearly all kind of surfaces and makes cleaning easier. The antimicrobial effect are verified as lasting more than 12 months and up to 4 years (4 year lab certified).

Liquid Guard® offers the following key performance characteristics:

  • Self-disinfecting easy application
  • Safe antimicrobial functionality
  • Prevents microbial odours
  • Permanent fungicidal function
  • Prevents mould growth on smooth and textured surfaces
  • Prevents micro scratches and reduces damage by improving the friction coefficient
  • Facilitates cleaning and removal of limescale, soot, grease, dust etc.
  • Promotes comfort, well-being, and safety
  • Free from halogens, heavy metals, and nano-silver
  • Non mutagenic – no leaching of the active substance, no possibility to develop resistance.

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Liquid Guard® takes a unique approach, using a silicon dioxide base with positively charged nitrogen atoms to attract negatively charged atoms of the microbe.

Microbes are drawn to the surface where the nanotechnology performs a physical kill by use of “swords” on the coated surface each measuring 150 nanometers in size. They puncture the cell wall on contact and render the microbes dead.

How is this different?

Conventional products are absorbed by living cells and kill by way of poisoning the organism or disrupting a vital life process. They are designed to move from the surface and dissipate quickly. Most commercial anti-microbials used for treating surfaces do an adequate job of killing bacteria and fungi, although most have a limited range of effectiveness and need to be reapplied at least every 30 days or so. Liquid Guard® technology takes a totally unique approach, taking a physical rather than chemical route of action.

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Liquid Guard® provides an effective initial microbial kill when applied, but unlike the conventional methods, it also provides long-term control of growth on treated surfaces, often for the life of that surface.

Liquid Guard® is ideal for use in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Protection against infections on plastics, stainless steel or varnished surfaces in public toilets, hotels, public transportation, and food processing and/or service industries.
  • All work areas where there is a risk of transmission of virus or bacteria between workers, visitors, and member of the public. High-risk surfaces include doorknobs, shelves, work-tops, and floors.
  • Permanent surface disinfection in hospitals and caring and nursing facilities, especially those within intensive and quarantine care.
  • Permanent hygiene for phones, keyboards, and other input devices that are in regular use.
The mechanical resistance of Liquid Guard® has been calculated at the following:
  • Glass. ceramic > 40.000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)
  • Noble metals > 20.000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)
  • Plastics > 5.000 cycles according to ISO 11998 (cleaning with water)

It is recommended that the surface is re-coated annually in higher touch areas.

  • Low touch/risk areas = 4 years of protection
  • High touch/risk areas = 1 year of protection

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