Liquid Guard® is free of halogens, heavy metals, and nano-silver. It is tested and approved safe to use following the application requirements for consumers and professionals.

"We are strongly committed to nano coating product safety. Rather than an obligation to meet standards, we consider this an objective to exceed standards and do so wherever possible in the interests of achieving the highest safety standards possible." - Liquid Guard®

NANO-SILVER TECHNOLOGY – Understanding the difference

Nano simply means dwarf. There is nano-silver technology available, promoted as antibacterial hygiene agent. This is different to Liquid Guard which utilises silicon dioxide. While nano-silver’s antibacterial effect is well documented, it provides only a depot effect i.e. after a while no more silver ions will be present, and the effect will be gone. It is also suspected that some nano-silvers can penetrate the body and cause long-term damage that has not yet been fully researched. For these reasons, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is against the use of silver.

Liquid Guard is a developed base of modified silicon dioxide (SiO2) with active particles at a nano size, which physically and non-chemically puncture cells with no migrating or mutating characteristics.

Liquid Guard® Sustainability

The nanotechnology of Liquid Guard® has been developed to minimise energy consumption, emissions and effects on the health of people and ecosystems.

Current methods of surface cleaning and sanitation could require as many as three disinfecting cycles per day, especially in high public contact areas, including gyms, day care centres, rest homes, hospitals etc.

Liquid Guard® requires application every 1-4 YEARS, reducing resource consumption.

With the overall aim of reducing the need for harsh chemicals and frequency of maintenance, NanoCare has undergone a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This is the internationally recognised standard by which the overall environmental impact of our nanotechnology activities is benchmarked and assessed. Information produced from these assessments is made available to customers as a confirmation of Liquid Guards® commitment to sustainability.

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