Liquid Guard® from Nano Care Group is an award-winning, revolutionary nanotechnology surface treatment, providing permanent anti-microbial protection against viruses, bacteria, algae and mould.

Applied via spray, wipes or fogging, Liquid Guard’s anti-microbial effect is verified as providing protection of 1 year (high touch areas) and up to 4 years (low touch areas).

Liquid Guard’s anti-microbial costing is certified to kill the TGEV corona virus and Influenza A viruses on surface contact, as well as bacteria including E-coli, salmonella, listeria and more.

Liquid Guard is certified to kill TGEV-CORONAVIRUS. This is the model virus used for the coronavirus family, which includes SARS-CoV-2 the cause of Covid-19, in disinfection testing.Dr. Arthur Morris, Clinical Microbiologist, New Zealand

What is Liquid Guard?

Liquid Guard® is 100% transparent, permanent, self disinfecting and anti-microbial coating, lasting more than 12 months.

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How it works and where to use

Liquid Guard® works on the physical elimination of micro-organisms through a physical, rather than chemical, route of action.

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Lab tested, NZ certified, credentials

Liquid Guard® has been independently tested and verified for performance against common viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, algae, and yeasts. To date, testing has not discovered any microbe that Liquid Guard® does not defeat.

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Liquid Guard kill sheet

Effective against TGEV Corona virus, Influenza A, pneumonia, fungal infections, algae and numerous bacterial microbes.

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Health Effects & Sustainability

Long term control, minimising cleaning resource requirements, energy consumption and emissions.

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The innovative Liquid Guard® solution is from Nano Care Group – a German nano-technology company focusing on the application of coatings to protect assets and people. It has built a reputation as a leader in its field and has protective solutions covering coatings for textiles and buildings/exteriors, non-absorbent coatings and anti-microbial protection (ie Liquid Guard). It is represented here by Nano Care New Zealand.

IMPAC is an authorised reseller of Liquid Guard in New Zealand, and we strongly believe this surface treatment is a step change in managing best-practice health and safety across multiple situations.