Training bookings

Q. How do I book on a course or see what’s coming up in my area?       
A. Go to and click the ‘Public Courses - Book Now’ button.


From this screen you’ll be able to select your preferred course, its location, and see date options (you can expand date options with the date selector filter).


Q. I have booked a staff member onto a training course but have not heard anything – when will I get confirmation?
A. A booking confirmation email would have been sent to the email address you provided when making the booking.

If you are unable to find this email, please provide the trainee’s full name, course name, and location to to request a copy of the booking confirmation notification.


Q. The course is full, but could you please squeeze one more on?
A. In order to ensure our trainers are able to share their time with all trainees to guarantee high-quality, effective learning, we keep the maximum number of trainees per public course at 16.


Q.Can you book public training for me?      
A. We prefer that you book through our website here, so you can agree to our terms and conditions/cancellation policy. Booking online also ensures that we have all your correct details.

If booking online isn’t an option for you, you’re welcome to call the team on 0800 246 722 to process your registration.


Q. Do I need to complete HSR Stage 1 to HSR Stage 4 in that order?
 No. Each course contains unique health and safety subject areas. They can be completed in any order, though for HSR Stage 3 and 4, some prior knowledge or experience in health and safety is helpful.


Q. Why should I consider the NEBOSH or IOSH courses?
 These are sought after international qualifications from two of the most respected health and safety training providers. The qualifications are internationally transferable and recognised worldwide.


Q. How do I let you know if I have special requirements such as dietary, physical access, or learning needs?
A. You will see there is a section in the booking form where you can identify any special requirements. Please complete this with as much detail as possible so we can accommodate your requirements.


Q. What do I need to bring to training?
A. We provide morning tea, lunch, and tea and coffee, as well as stationery and course resources. For the NEBOSH courses we recommend that you have a laptop or tablet, but for all other courses, you don’t need to bring anything with you.  

The temperature can fluctuate in our training rooms so come prepared!


 Q. What are the system requirements for Online training?
A. You can read our recommendations for browsers and other tech specs here.


Q. How can I book an in-house course for my company?
A. Please email and an IMPAC customer service representative will be in touch with you.



Q. I need to cancel a booking for a training course. Will I be charged?
A. Please see our cancellation policy for details. 

You may substitute attendees for no additional charge.



Q. Can I pay now or with credit card?
A. We usually issue an invoice shortly after you have attended training except in the case of NEBOSH, IOSH, and Auditor training bookings; those invoices are sent before the course starts.

If you’d like to pay in advance, please email with your request.

Details of how to pay with a credit card through our website will be available on your invoice when you receive it. 


Q. I’ve done several unit standards. How do I now get my National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Level 3 or 4?
 Send us an email with your first name, last name, and birth date and we’ll find out what remaining courses you need to complete to achieve your National Certificate.


Q. I’d like to apply for my National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Level 3. How do I get this?
 Once you complete an order form, we can place an order with NZQA for you. It will cost $50 + GST. Email if you’d like an order form.    


Q. Is there an additional cost for reporting unit standards to NZQA?
A. There is no additional cost for reporting unit standards to NZQA that you have gained through us. We will report your credits to NZQA once you have been marked competent. 

Please note that we are not able to report credits to NZQA that you have gained with another provider.


Q. Do NZQA unit standards expire?
A. Unit standards do not expire off your record of learning.  

Some organisations may have company policies that require you to do refresher training every year or two.

Alternatively, legislation may change, and a new unit standard may replace the previously mandated unit standard. 


Q. How long do I have to submit off-course work for marking?
A. For unit standard 5619, you’ll have 6 months to return the assessment for marking.

For all other NZQA unit standards, you’ll have six weeks to return the assessment for marking.

For IOSH projects, you’ll have two weeks from the last date of the course to return the project.

For NEBOSH IGC, you’ll need to submit by the practical due date provided.


Q. Do I get a certificate after completing my course?
A. After your course, we’ll send an electronic copy of your certificate of attendance or achievement to the person who booked your place. If you’d like a printed copy, this can be arranged at a cost. Please email with your request. 


Q. What should I do if I haven’t received my course certificate yet?
A. We’ve most likely sent it to the person who made your booking. Check with them and email if you still can’t trace it.


At IMPAC, we employ some of the most highly respected, qualified, and sought after health and safety professionals in New Zealand. These consultants and trainers are available to support you and your organisation with a gap analysis, urgent health and safety situations, delivering your training, and so much more.