Why +IMPAC is the right choice for your NEBOSH Diploma studies

14 February, 2023  | 

In the New Zealand Health and Safety industry defining your career path and training needs can be complicated. However, there’s no question that for those serious about a career in Health and Safety, the NEBOSH International Diploma is a critical qualification, and +IMPAC’s programme gives learners the best chance to succeed.

At +IMPAC we’ve helped over 800 Health and Safety professionals gain their NEBOSH Diploma, with our unique learning approach and by providing highly experienced facilitators, like prominent H+S professional Christel Fouche, to enrich and support their studies. 

Christel Fouche

+IMPAC NEBOSH Diploma facilitator Christel Fouche


Christel has more than three decades of experience in Safety, Health, Environment and Quality; working in various industry sectors for large businesses and government organisations across Asia Pacific and Africa. Her exceptional credentials include a PhD in Risk Management as well as an MBA in Health and Safety, but it’s her practical, hands-on experience that she’s best known for and provides a unique benefit for +IMPAC’s NEBOSH Diploma students. She has some helpful advice for individuals considering their next course of study.

“If there’s one piece of advice I can give to those starting out in their H+S journey, it’s to plan your career path development process effectively. And be patient. You're not going to become a health and safety professional or specialist within a year or two,” says Christel.

She says it’s important to understand the big differences between the NEBOSH Diploma and International Certificate qualifications and which is best for their career stage.

“The certificate level is more for Health and Safety advisors and implementers, people that need to run the day-to-day health and safety management system. Whereas the NEBOSH Diploma is focused on management not implementation. It’s for the people that need to lead, a Health and Safety consultant looking to increase their service delivery to their prospective clients, or for companies where the CEO or GM has delegated Health and Safety to a dedicated source or resource,” Christel advises.

A leader or a manager doesn’t need to know the detail or depth but rather an overview of the critical concepts that make up a Health and Safety management system - and that’s what the NEBOSH Diploma provides.

“If you want to lead a team, inform your board adequately or manage a system effectively, the Diploma gives you the broad skills and knowledge you need.”

However, Christel says it’s not enough, at this level, for a provider to just take the fees and provide books without giving ongoing support. +IMPAC’s recipe for success comes down to the unique approach which employs a range of different tools to present, explore and reinforce core course content.

+IMPAC have developed additional reading material, presentations, video content and assessed activities for students to practice applying what they've learned. Exam preparation and skills are also provided, as Christel points out if a student can't answer an assessment question the chance of them completing a board report effectively is very slim.

In addition to this, the programme includes fortnightly group sessions, online with the facilitator, learning from their wealth of experience.

“One benefit of these contact sessions is that I can share my knowledge with the team and add additional information or relevant examples to complement the theory. Another advantage is that students can share their challenges with not only me but the rest of the group and brainstorm possible solutions together,” says Christel.

“At the beginning of each contact session we discuss news, incidents or it could be changes to legislation or standards. I think it's critical for H+S professionals to look at the news at least once or twice a week because there's always stories about Health and Safety. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, but we can learn lessons from that.”

Christel also says it’s important for H+S people to belong to or to register with professional bodies. Achieving the NEBOSH Diploma assists with a practitioner’s professional accreditation with NZISM, and recognition among the leading Health and Safety practitioners in New Zealand.

+IMPAC Head of Training Mel Wood says the knowledgeable team and course programme helps H+S professionals reach their career goals. The NEBOSH Diploma is designed to give students the best chance of success.

"Having the calibre of Christel's expertise delivering the programme is what makes +IMPAC your best partner for NEBOSH and for H+S training in general," she adds.

Christel says, “Helping people understand what Health and Safety is really about, that drives me. That really makes me passionate even now. I love sharing what the future is looking like today with people.”


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