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HSR Stage 1

Duration: 2-day course Unit Standard: US 29315 Health and Safety Representative Stage 1 helps you to understand your role and responsibilities as a representative and meet minimum regulatory requirements for training. Health and Safety at Work Act regulations, which kicked off in April 2016, have substantially increased the importance and authority of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), ... Read more

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Contractor Management

Duration: 1-day course Unit Standard: US17595 The Contractor Management course uses scenario-based activities and gives you practical solutions to some potentially difficult and costly problems. You’ll learn how to: • Manage contractor assessments and inductions • Assess safety systems • Understand the requirements to consult, cooperate, and coordinate • Lead on-site inspections and evaluate pl... Read more

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ICAM Investigation Techniques

Duration: 2-day course This course will help you understand and apply the ICAM (Incident Cause Analysis Method) root cause investigation methodology. ICAM investigators are an asset for any organisation wanting to maximise learning from adverse events, to avoid reoccurrence, and to improve future resilience to hazards. This course introduces best practice in incident investigation and teaches ... Read more

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IOSH Managing Workplace Safety

Duration: 3-day course Course structure: • Day 1: Module 1 and 2 • Day 2: Module 3 and 4 • Day 3: Module 5 and 6 IOSH is an internationally recognised qualification that will give you knowledge and practical skills of health and safety principles. The course is highly interactive and allows attendees to put the principles they learn into practice. This course has been designed for all indus... Read more

Managing Critical Risks: Bow Tie Fundamentals

Duration: 2-day course Bow Tie is one of the most well-regarded approaches to risk management. If you’re serious about managing the critical risks in your business, then this course is for you. The course: • Provides experienced and inexperienced professionals with insights into risk control • Focuses on how risks are managed • Provides a targeted and easy-to-use auditing tool This course ha... Read more

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety - IGC1 and GC2 Exam

IGC1 exam: Official start time is 9.30am and finish time is 11.30am GC2 exam: Official start time is 1.30pm and finish time is 3.30pm Please arrive 45 minutes before the exam start time for registration. Read more

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety - GC3 Practical Submission date

As part of the NEBOSH International General Certificate Course, you must complete and submit a practical assessment for marking. The practical assessment takes the form of an inspection of your workplace and a report to management, detailing the findings and recommendations. Read more

Auditing Health & Safety Systems

Duration: 2-day course Unit Standard: US 5619 Auditing is one of the most valuable tools for management to be kept informed about the actual status of their health and safety management system. A health and safety management system gives you the management framework and enables your auditors to monitor performance so you can propose and implement improvements as required. This intensive cour... Read more

Hazard Management Systems Development

Duration: 1-day course Unit Standard: US 5616 If you’re serious about identifying, assessing, controlling, and monitoring hazards at a level that’ll ensure systems and legislative compliance, then this course is a must. Hazard management is the most important element of a health and safety system. It’s important that those who are responsible for implementing parts of a system have a thorough ... Read more

Health & Safety Leadership for Supervisors

Duration: 1-day course This course will give you practical knowledge and skills to help better manage health and safety risks in the face of competing demands, including strategies to respond effectively to change. You’ll learn leadership actions and responses that help build a positive work culture through virtual reality technology taking you into real situations. You’ll be able to apply strate... Read more