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Working in Thermal Extremes

Duration: Half-day Unit Standard: US 17585 This course is essential for employees who work at extreme temperatures and those responsible for planning, organising, and monitoring this type of work. Working in hot or cold environments can be very hazardous to health, put additional strain on your body, and unless properly managed, can affect your ability to work safely and effectively. Read more

Workplace Health & Safety Planning

Duration: 1-day Unit Standard: US 25042 This course is designed to explain how effective health and safety planning reduces costs and increases productivity, and how organisations can plan to systematically improve their health and safety performance. Good health and safety is good business and takes planning. The largest multinationals, as well as some of New Zealand’s most successful organisa... Read more

H&S Representative Stage 3

Duration: 2-day course Day 1: Injury Management Unit Standard: US 18411 Day 2: Workplace Health and Safety Planning Unit Standard: US 25042 Health and Safety Representative Stage 3 will help you have a more active part in injury management and health and safety planning in your workplace. The course has been designed for: • Experienced representatives • Anyone who has health and safety respon... Read more

H&S Representative Stage 4

Duration: 2-day course Day 1: Back Care and Discomfort and Pain Injury Unit Standards: US 17592 and US 17591 Day 2: Health and Safety Committees Unit Standard: US 19340 Health and Safety Representative Stage 4 covers prevention and management of DPI (discomfort, pain, and injury) and back injuries in the workplace, and how to establish and run an effective health and safety committee. The co... Read more

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

Duration: The course runs over 10 days and has a 1-day exam and off-course practical workplace assessment. Do you need to deliver specialist advice to your organisation? The NEBOSH International General Certificate course will provide you with an excellent grounding in the principles and practice of health and safety management. It’s relevant to practitioners from all sectors and combines interna... Read more

Incident Reporting & Investigation

Duration: 1-day Unit Standard: US 17601 This course explains how incidents occur, how causes should be identified, and how to investigate and write an incident report. Effective incident reporting and investigation procedures are key for any company who wants to prevent re-occurrences of incidents. The course can be tailored to use your own internal procedures for investigation, reporting, ... Read more

Health & Safety Leadership and Governance

Duration: 4 hours The course is highly tailorable to meet the needs and capabilities of your officers who are tasked with providing effective governance of health and safety across your organisation. The course has been designed for: • Directors • Trustees • Councillors • Chief Executives • Anyone providing governance to your organisation Read more

Health & Safety Leadership for Executives

Duration: 1-day Your executive team and senior managers will understand modern health and safety concepts and language and be given practical tools to enable them to provide health and safety leadership throughout your organisation. The course has been designed for: • Chief Executives • Executive Managers Read more

Atmospheric Testing

Unit Standard: US 25510 This course introduces trainees to atmospheric hazards and explains how and why they are hazardous, how to recognise them, and how to test and monitor for them. This course is essential for staff who work in environments where there are atmospheric hazards, but do not work in an industry where the risk is higher due to hazards such as chemicals and energy sources. We re... Read more

Health & Safety Leadership for Workers

Duration: 1-day You will be provided with practical knowledge and skills to support other workers, your team, and your wider organisation in key activities that improve workplace health and safety and allows everyone to go home safe and well to their loved ones each day. Read more