Are you up to date with the new H+S Committees legislation?

28 August, 2023  |  Blueprint

The Health and Safety at Work (Health and Safety Representatives and Committees) Amendment Act has now passed into law. The changes with this Act increase workers’ access to health + safety representatives, and health + safety committees.

The main changes of note are...



If a worker asks for a health and safety representative, the business must initiate an election.


Smaller businesses in sectors that were not prescribed high-risk could decline these requests.

If a health and safety representative or 5 or more workers ask for a health and safety committee, the business must establish one.

A business could refuse a request to establish a committee where the business is satisfied existing practices sufficiently meet the requirements.


The Act does not make health and safety representatives or committees mandatory for businesses. Businesses will only be required to initiate an election for representatives, or establish a committee where workers request them.

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