Integrate your health and safety data sources into one central platform to produce a comprehensive view of how your safety management system is performing.


At IMPAC, we set the standard high to ensure our clients are making informed decisions to keep their workplaces safe. The insights you will gain are based on our two decades of experience in health and safety, risk management and data analytics.

We have developed an innovative analysis and reporting tool to integrate your health and safety data sources into one central platform to produce a comprehensive view of how your safety management system is performing.

We help you to fulfil your safety-related obligations through establishing valid and reliable dashboards, delivering actionable risk insights; measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of safety investments; and clear, concise reporting for Boards and Executives.


Key features include:

  • Large range of leading and lagging indicators that enable understanding of system effectiveness
  • Ability to query and analyse the information in real-time
  • Insights provided into all elements of an effective health and safety system such as risks, training, contractors, incidents, actions and safety observations
  • Use multiple data sources to improve insights
  • World leading safety data models
  • Industry wide safety classification methodology
  • All health and safety related data brought together in a coherent, well-structured manner

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Key benefits include:

  • Fast data integration – providing insight generation in days, not months
  • Easy sharing – encouraging collaborative decision making between colleagues
  • Rapid deployment – reducing dependency on IT expertise and infrastructure
  • Dynamic drill-through - allowing deep-dive into operational details
  • Customisable visualisations and indicators – unfolding multifaceted nature of health and safety
  • Interactive data interrogation - enabling rapid discovery of correlations and providing versatile functions to keep insights fresh
  • Organisational Reporting – providing Boards and Executives with clear, concise reporting with deep-dive functionality to understand organisational trends, meet KPIs and drive continuous improvement.


Gain Insights without the technical headache

We remove the hassle and technical hurdles by gathering data, extracting, cleaning, transforming, building data models, defining the calculations for each indicator, testing, deploying and providing ongoing maintenance. We do all the hard work for you – there’s no hidden costs, technical challenges or delays, just actionable insights and meaningful, robust reporting.

Safety Insights is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your disparate sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

The solution can easily connect to all the data from implemented Risk Manager and other systems giving you the ability to integrate data such as telemetry data from vehicle tracking solutions, ACC data to provide more in depth injury analysis, weather data for incident causation and correlation analysis, iAuditor to better analyse audit and questionnaire data, and other systems. 

You will immediately have access to visualised dashboard where important information is clear and concise. You can share information with your colleagues and you can access the data from your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.