Spark rolls out Risk Manager | IMPAC health and safety

1 June, 2018  |  News

Yesterday marked Spark’s launch of Risk Manager, IMPAC’s leading health and safety software.

Members from both the Spark and IMPAC teams were there to celebrate the launch. And in true celebration style, we arranged for a themed cake to be sent to Spark HQ (and rest assured, there were sausage rolls, too).


cake 2No launch is complete without a themed cake.


Spark’s Risk Manager journey so far 

At the launch, Paul Uttley, Spark’s Group Health & Safety Manager, thanked the IMPAC team for all their work, saying, “It’s been a collaborative process and we’ve asked a lot of questions. But that’s good, because we’ve worked together to get the solution we need.”

Tom Reeves, one of IMPAC’s directors, was also present at the launch. He commented on the experience of working with Spark and the friendships that have been formed from the partnership: “It’s been a real point of excitement, developing a relationship with Spark over the last 12 months. We’re very excited and privileged to be part of that journey and look forward to working alongside the wider Spark team over the next period as well.”

He went on to commend the Spark team, saying, “The team that is in place now within the health and safety side at Spark have done an outstanding job in terms of bringing things through and driving towards gold standard.”


cake spark 2Paul and Tom taking on the cake-cutting duties. 


What’s next for Spark?

This is just the first phase of Spark’s Risk Manager journey, as Paul pointed out. To start with, a selection of the Physical Infrastructure team was able to test the system before the official launch. Now they'll roll out Risk Manager to the rest of the company in increments between 31 May to mid-Dec. And it won’t be long until they’re seeing the benefits.

“Only now just working in this space, we’ve tapped into the real potential of this particular tool,” explained Paul. “We’re going to see more accountability, reporting of incidents, reporting of near misses, hazards, and we’re going to get a full suite of modules moving forward.”

Tom commented on the amount of information that Risk Manager is going to provide and “that is what will actually allow [Spark] to move forward even further from now and be able to measure what’s going on.”

He concluded with, “We’re really stoked to be here and we’re looking forward to remaining so into the future.”


Thanks to everyone involved!