IMPAC grows with Safeworx to help more Kiwis get home safe from work

1 December, 2020  |  News

IMPAC, New Zealand’s leading Health and Safety solutions provider, has acquired a majority shareholding in personal protective and safety equipment supplier, Safeworx. Both companies are locally owned and operated, committed to helping keep Kiwi workers safe for over 20 years.

Safeworx has a history of developing new innovative safety products to address gaps in high risk industries, while driving compliance with industry safety standards. It is this agile, customer first focus that IMPAC sees as synergistic with its own client driven approach.

IMPAC Chair Logan Aves says they are looking forward to partnering with the home grown company and continuing to bring leading Health and Safety services to kiwi businesses.

“In addition to governance and organisational H&S guidance, training, risk management software and prequalification services we are now able to provide the best quality safety equipment to frontline workers. This reinforces our position as the most comprehensive health and safety solutions provider in New Zealand.”

Both businesses share a wealth of expertise specific to New Zealand workplaces. Safeworx have been well positioned with their specialist products and knowledge to support local businesses through the challenges of COVID-19.

IMPAC is excited to welcome the Safeworx family of over 40 staff, growing their talented team to over 110, to provide in-house, digital and now retail branch-based health and safety products and services nationwide.

Safeworx Managing Director, Dave Sextone says the main driver in embracing IMPAC was the benefit to his team. “We wanted to continue our tradition of being a family business. IMPAC was founded on and shares these values, while offering our people greater opportunities and scope.”

He says, even after being in the industry for over 35 years and as his industry peers know, he’s always open to change. “In fact, I’m thrilled to be growing our reach and cementing our place as a provider of industry leading products. I know others in the industry share my view that IMPAC is an ideal fit with our business.”

Aves agrees that the partnership is the perfect synergy of values and vision. “Essentially we both want Kiwis to get home safe and well from work every day.”

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