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23 April, 2020  |  News

Over the past few months, we have published stories in Safeguard magazine about working with our clients to drive better health and safety outcomes for their people. Each story featured their commitment to developing the right tools, policies and training to make a step change in safety.

Clients who listened to and understood how their teams worked, who were not being afraid to make change and were committed to invest in the right technology allowed IMPAC to deliver real value to their organisations.

IMPAC’s guidance and expertise has delivered the solutions needed – enjoy reading the journeys of Hiway Group, Spark and Ngāi Tahu Farming, and their partnership with IMPAC.

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Sharpen the Senses

Hiway Group


Site Safety App

Spark NZ

Ngai Tahu Farming

Critical Risk Guidance

Ngāi Tahu Farming