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9 March, 2018  |  News

The recently-released Health and Safety Attitudes and Behaviours Survey found that the number of workers receiving health and safety training has increased across all sectors.

While that sounds positive, a closer look at the WorkSafe data — collected over three years from 2014-2016 — suggests:

  • only 50% of workers said they were ‘very confident’ that they had the knowledge and skills to avoid long-term health problems
  • 18% of workers said their boss sometimes says nothing when they see a worker taking a short-cut or risk
  • 46% of workers said that something had been done immediately when they’d noticed a new hazard.


pexels photo 221310 1We need to reduce the gap between workers’ and employers’ views of health and safety. Photo by


Health and safety still needs to be recognised 

Even though the number of workers receiving health and safety training has improved, there’s still a long way to go to making it the priority and responsibility it should be.

Comparing workers’ and employers’ views of workplace health and safety shows some noticeable gaps. This miscommunication needs to be addressed before it leads to serious problems.


How IMPAC can help

The WorkSafe survey concludes that “training has a strong association with positive attitudes and behaviours and is one way to increase the skills and capability of workers.”

We’d love to provide that training to your organisation. There are so many ways we can help, at any level of business. Browse our course catalogue, or give us a call on 0800 246 722. We’ll help you get home safely to your loved ones.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses shift the attitudes of their workers and we understand the impact that good quality training can have.