Congratulations, Dr Haibo Yang | IMPAC health and safety

24 January, 2019  |  News

Congratulations to Dr Haibo Yang, IMPAC’s Head of Business Intelligence, who recently completed his PhD.


HaiboVictoria University Chancellor Neil Paviour-Smith on stage with Haibo. 

His thesis ‘In A Quest to Solve Information System Agility Problems: A SaaS Experience’ is a clear demonstration of his tremendous knowledge of designing agile information systems. Haibo is also an expert in Cloud Computing research with several high-impact publications, among which, one has been ranked in the “most popular papers” by the Association for Information Systems.

Over his nine years working at IMPAC, he has successfully built a strong synergy between academic knowledge and industry practice to create smart data solutions for managing organisational safety risks. With his vision and passion for data-driven decision making, Haibo is the key creator and the product owner of IMPAC’s leading edge Safety Insights solution.

We salute his achievement and are proud to have him leading our Business Intelligence Unit.

Haibo will be presenting innovative solutions for safety data management at IMPAC’s Breakfast Session at the upcoming Safeguard Health and Safety Conference, 28-29 May 2019.