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Safety-law changes spook schools

14 January, 2016

Schools are considering less adventurous camps and others are spending thousands of dollars to audit their health and safety procedures ahead of new regulations. Read more

Samsung reaches partial agreement with sick workers

12 January, 2016

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) " Samsung Electronics reached a partial agreement on workplace safety with sickened workers and their families, nearly a decade after the death of a 22-year-old chip worker from leukemia galvanized concern about conditions in South Korea's semiconductor industry. Read more

Food and beverage wholesaler ordered to pay over $128K after employee fatally injured in forklift incident

22 December, 2015

The tragic consequences of a worker not receiving adequate training in operating a forklift have been highlighted in a District Court sentencing against a food stuffs and beverage wholesaler. Read more

Greymouth rubbish workers strike over health and safety concerns

22 December, 2015

Greymouth rubbish and recycling collection workers have gone on strike amid claims their collection trucks are not road worthy. Read more

New workplace health and safety legislation prove to be a wake-up call

7 December, 2015

An imminent legislative change that will alphat workplace safety regulations is keeping commercial and industrial building owners and property managers on their toes. Read more

Rethinking mental health

30 November, 2015

Rather than thinking about mental health issues as a liability to avoid or fear, it is time to flip that around and think of mental health as an essential resource which drives an organisation's success. Read more

ROI: occ health examples

27 November, 2015

Getting a chief executive to pay attention to occupational health issues can be a challenge because they often work in six-month increments and so tend to focus on the urgent, potentially neglecting the important. Read more

Hazard recognition

30 October, 2015

A construction safety researcher told SIA delegates that neither workers nor managers are as skilled at hazard recognition as the researchers assumed, but that interventions they devised and tested boosted hazard recognition under test conditions to close to 80 percent. Read more

Rep numbers unrecorded

30 October, 2015

One of the dilemmas facing MBIE in the development of the transition training framework must surely have been the absence of any formal record of health and safety rep numbers. Read more

Company holds back asbestos results

16 October, 2015

A company that failed to inform its employees about their possible exposure to asbestos has been found to have constructively dismissed two of them. Read more