VR Competency 

VR (Virtual Reality) Competency is another exciting solution we have added to our offering.

It is an innovative way to quickly and effectively upskill operators of motorised vehicles and machinery in a safe and risk free environment. +IMPAC’s VR Competency courses accelerate training times, improve and certify skills and offer continuous learning. Our goal is to keep people safer through competency – and as a result, make businesses better.

The use of VR technology has significant advantages over traditional methods:

  • Little/no risk in a safe and controlled area
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Improved retention and recall
  • Simplifies complex situations/problems
  • Suitable for different learning styles
  • Higher level of engagement and understanding

+IMPAC VR Competency is the leading VR Training provider for forklift operators in New Zealand. We offer specialised training programmes across both private and public sectors, including:

  • Custom Training for Employers to obtain Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)
  • Whiti Supply Chain Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Education
  • Matatau Supply Chain Programme to obtain basic qualifications to then go on to Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)



What is The Certificate of Professional Competence?


The first of its kind in New Zealand offering a ranking advancement system that facilitates continuous improvement and data tracking to help improve results. A programme your business can implement and run internally yourself.



WHITI Cadetship

A Ministry of Social Development and Provincial Growth Fund supported vocational and skills course, which actively assists to place trainees in paid employment.