Workplace Risk Assessment (1 day)


Duration: 1-day course
Unit Standard: N/A

This course will give you practical knowledge and skills to help you better identify hazards and assess, control, monitor, and review risks, as a manager or supervisor.

You’ll be able to confidently use a set of practical tools to improve health and safety risk assessments in your workplace.

The course uses state of the art virtual reality scenarios and case studies, to allow you to apply your new skills in a workplace environment. And it includes a take away toolkit, complete with health and safety advice, tips, information, and definitions.

This course has been designed for people in roles who need to understand how to conduct a risk assessment and communicate effectively with others. This will include:
• Supervisors and managers
• Engineers and project managers
• Workers who carry out physical activities or work with machinery and are exposed to risks that need to be assessed before starting work


After completing this course, you’ll have knowledge and practical skills in:
• The legal requirements for risk assessment
• Identifying hazards
• How to assess risks
• How to control risks
• Monitoring and review of risks
• How to communicate and consult about risk assessment

There is no assessment for this course.


$2700 + GST up to 12 students and $149 for each additional student (max of 16)