Safety Co-ordinator Stage 6

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Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills
in the following areas:

The principles and concepts of hazard management

Recognised methods of identifying hazards

The application of a risk assessment matrix to assess the significance of and prioritise hazards

How to implement the hierarchy of control to hazards by way of taking all practicable steps and the development of a hazard control plan

How to assist in monitoring hazards and the hazard management system

The legislative and organisational health and safety requirements for engaging contractors to perform work on site

The relationship between the principal and contractors

How to manage the use of contractors, including selection, planning, information sharing, monitoring and reviewing

The duties of persons in control of a place of work

The duties of hirers, sellers and suppliers of plant.

This course includes two off-course assessments.


Developing effective hazard management systems and contractor management

Hazard management and contractor management are two of the most important elements of a health and safety management system.

It is important that health and safety co-ordinators have a thorough understanding of how to effectively identify, assess, control and effectively monitor hazards to ensure compliance and a safe workplace.

Contractor management is equally as important as hazard management, in many workplaces, contractors are likely to be one of your biggest risks. It is important to fully understand the best practice approach to managing contractors from the tender process right through to the completion of the job. This course will cover the contractor management process, this course also gives practical solutions to some potentially difficult and costly problems.

Day One - Hazard Management US 5616
Day Two - Contractor Management US 17595


$850 + GST per student