Safety Co-ordinator Stage 5


Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills
in the following areas:

Intention and coverage of health and safety legislation

Duties and responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace

Health and safety accident reporting

Hazard management

Information, training and supervision

Emergency procedures

Health and safety representatives

Enforcing the Act

Maintaining legislative knowledge and professional practices

Maintenance of safety equipment

Applying professional ethics.

This course includes an off-course assessment.


Legislation and maintaining standards of practice in occupational health and safety

Building on the knowledge from our health and safety representatives courses, the safety co-ordinator courses are designed to bring the knowledge and skill set of candidates up to a level suitable for practical management and co-ordination of health and safety within the workplace.

This stage five course focuses on health and safety legislation and maintaining standards of practice. We will provide you with a solid foundation for developing and maintaining high professional standards, as well as discussing topical events and professional ethics. Workers who complete this course will also become aware of their responsibilities and what they must do to comply with current legislation.

This course will always include any changes to health and safety legislation as it is passed into law.

Day 1 - HSE legislation US 19521
Day 2 - Maintain standards of practice US 5618


$850 + GST per student