Managing Critical Risks: Bow Tie Fundamentals


Duration: 2-day course

Bow Tie is one of the most well-regarded approaches to risk management. If you’re serious about managing the critical risks in your business, then this course is for you.

The course:
• Provides experienced and inexperienced professionals with insights into risk control
• Focuses on how risks are managed
• Provides a targeted and easy-to-use auditing tool

This course has been designed for:
• Supervisors
• Managers
• Safety professionals

You’ll be interested in increasing your skills, or already be involved with managing the critical risks of the business.


After completing this course, you’ll have knowledge and practical skills in:
• The principles and concepts of the Bow Tie risk management approach
• Capability and confidence on when to apply the Bow Tie risk management approach
• The link between Bow Tie, the risk management process, and the organisation’s health and safety management system
• The links between Bow Tie risk management and the ICAM investigation process
• How to understand the concept and build the evidence associated with ‘defences in depth’ thinking


$7500 + GST up to 10 students and $649 for each additional student (max of 16)