Leading for Safety Excellence


This workshop typically covers:

Legislation changes and roles and responsibilities
Key differences - 1992 to 2015
Due diligence regarding health and safety
Safety ownership – role of board and the executive
The role health and safety leadership plays in the development of
organisational culture
Transformational change and the link to integrated health and safety
Culture change models and the influence of leadership behaviours
Visible leadership and the associated critical success factors
The personal connection
Responding to “pause work” requests due to H&S concerns
Critical risk management approaches Critical hazard and risk definitions including the importance of‘potential’
Introduction to the bow-tie risk management system
Multiple causation of adverse events
Predictive safety and discipline required to prevent repeat events
The role of human performance
Review and discuss integrated health and safety metrics that matter
Developing a vision
What are you going to do differently – commitment statements and
potential barriers to implementation.


This workshop has been designed specifically for Senior Executives and Directors to help them understand their role as leaders in developing a positive safety culture within their business.
These challenging workshops encourage active debate regarding how the leadership team can drive sustainable safety performance improvements and integrate safety into broader operational risk management systems.

The workshop will assist you to understand the questions you need to ask as you lead your organisation on a journey towards safety excellence.


$400 + GST per student