Introduction to ISO31000 Risk Management - Guidelines


Duration: 1-day course

The purpose of risk management is the creation and protection of value. The ISO31000: 2018 Standard provides guidelines on the principles of risk management; the framework and processes to follow.

“Organizations of all types and sizes face external and internal factors and influences that make it uncertain whether they will achieve their objectives. Managing risk is a continuous process and assists organizations in setting strategy, achieving objectives and making informed decisions. Managing risk is part of governance and leadership and is fundamental to how the organization is managed at all levels. It contributes to the improvement of management systems. Managing risk is part of all activities associated with an organization and includes interaction with stakeholders.”
ISO31000 Standard 2018

This introductory course gives an overview of the newly updated ISO 31000 Risk Management – Guidelines Standard content.

This course is ideal for:
• Implementers of health and safety management systems
• Anybody involved in the risk management process
• Internal and external auditors
• Management in charge of health and safety management systems


After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Describe the importance of the risk management framework towards assisting the organization in integrating risk management into significant activities and functions.
• Appreciate that the effectiveness of risk management depends on its integration into the governance of the organization, including decision-making.
• Recognize that the principles of risk management are the foundation for managing risk and should be considered when establishing the organization’s risk management framework and processes.
• Demonstrate use of risk management processes involving the systematic application of policies, procedures and practices to the activities of communicating and consulting, establishing the context and assessing, treating, monitoring, reviewing, recording and reporting risk.

Assessment: There is a 20-point true and false assessment at the end of this 1-day session.


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