Risk Manager – Training for Managers


Duration: 1-day course

At the end of this course the participant will understand the features of Risk Manager and how they apply to their role as a Manager, how to use Risk Manager to track and manage health and safety for their business area and how to support their staff when using Risk Manager.

NOTE: This course does not cover setup, administration or configuration features of Risk Manager.

This course has been designed for:
Managers of a team of people or those who will support others in the use of IMPAC’s Risk Manager software.

+ A valid login to the IMPAC Risk Manager Software Application for TEST and LIVE,
+ Good computer skills.
+ If you are bringing your own device, then you will need access to an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome
+ General knowledge of the specific safety leadership practices that are employed in your workplace

What to bring:
The course will be held in a fully equipped PC suite, but you can use your own laptop if you prefer.


To use Risk Manager confidently, in conjunction with your existing safety leadership policies and practices, to:
• Explore how to use features of Risk Manager in conjunction with recognised safety leadership practices
• Learn the principles of Risk Manager configuration and understand how it has been configured for use in your workplace
• Review the electronic Hazard Register (Hazard Module)
• Perform Safety Walks and Toolbox Talks (includes Safety Plans)
• Capture and analyse details of workplace safety Incidents and observations including incidents by contractors
• Record and maintain details of personal injury
• Update incident investigation details, record findings and communicate recommendations
• Call to action: Be proactive – get things done
• Be informed via data analytics and reporting
• Understand collaboration between modules
• Troubleshoot and get help


$425 + GST per student