Health & Safety Leadership for Workers


Duration: 1-day

You will be provided with practical knowledge and skills to support other workers, your team, and your wider organisation in key activities that improve workplace health and safety and allows everyone to go home safe and well to their loved ones each day.


After completing this course, you’ll be able to:
• Understand the key reasons why you’ll be engaged in managing health and safety
• Understand key duties under the HSW Act that impact you
• Know how you can contribute to a good health and safety culture and be inspired to make a difference to your teams and the organisation’s culture and performance
• Understand hazard identification and risk management concepts and your role in ensuring critical risks are managed effectively
• Understand key incident causation principles, and how you can help in ensuring investigations are successful
• Know the purpose and content of your health and safety management system
• Show how you can make a positive difference so you can confidently work within your teams to improve health and safety


$3950 + GST (max of 16)