Health & Safety Leadership for Supervisors


Duration: 1-day course

This course will give you practical knowledge and skills to help better manage health and safety risks in the face of competing demands, including strategies to respond effectively to change.
You’ll learn leadership actions and responses that help build a positive work culture through virtual reality technology taking you into real situations. You’ll be able to apply strategies to remain vigilant of changes to risk.

The course has been designed for:
• Supervisors
• Team leaders
• Frontline managers


After completing this course you will:
• Understand the reasons for managing health and safety
• Understand the key duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
• Understand key aspects of health and safety culture
• Understand the purpose and content of a health and safety management system
• Understand hazard and risk management concepts
• Understand the importance of incident response, reporting and effective investigation
• Understand how to measure health and safety performance at the team level
• Understand how to lead H&S in practice through values, behaviours and capability


$4000 + GST up to 12 students and $149 for each additional student (max of 16)