H&S Representative Stage 4


Duration: 2-day course

Day 1: Back Care and Discomfort and Pain Injury
Unit Standards: US 17592 and US 17591

Day 2: Health and Safety Committees
Unit Standard: US 19340

Health and Safety Representative Stage 4 covers prevention and management of DPI (discomfort, pain, and injury) and back injuries in the workplace, and how to establish and run an effective health and safety committee.

The course has been designed for:
• Experienced representatives
• Anyone who has health and safety responsibilities in the workplace


After completing this course, you’ll have knowledge and practical skills in:
• Explaining the importance of employee and employer involvement in effectively managing health and safety
• Demonstrating knowledge of the types, and roles of, health and safety committees
• Explaining how to prepare for a health and safety meeting
• How to document and report meeting outcomes
• Describing what is meant by DPI
• Outlining the groups of contributory factors and how they combine to result in DPI
• Describing the contributory factors individuals and workplaces need to consider when preventing and managing DPI
• Outlining measures used to manage the risks to staff experiencing DPI

• Describing the structure and function of the spine
• Identifying the risk factors for occupational back injury
• Identifying back care techniques
• Identifying work place control measures to reduce the risk of back injury.

This course has three on-course assessments.


$4950 + GST up to 12 students and $249 for each additional student (max of 16)