HSR Stage 2: Risk Assessment & Communication


Building effective health and safety representatives

Duration: 2-day course
Unit Standard: US 30265

This course has been designed to improve the skills you’ll need to communicate and consult with others about risk, allowing you to become a more effective health and safety representative and empowering you to make things happen.  

The course content and activities will give you practical knowledge and skills to help you better identify hazards and assess, control, monitor, and review risks.

You’ll be able to confidently use a set of practical tools to improve health and safety risk assessments in your workplace. You’ll learn the role of incident reporting and investigation in improving risk assessments.

The course uses virtual reality scenarios and case studies, to allow you to apply your new skills in a workplace environment. And it includes take away pocket toolkits, complete with health and safety advice, tips, information, and definitions, as well as a comprehensive reference manual.

This course has been designed for people in roles who need to understand how to conduct a risk assessment and communicate effectively with others. This will include:
• Health and safety representatives
• Supervisors, team leaders, frontline managers, engineers, project managers, contract managers, designers, and anyone else who has a role to play in understanding health and safety risks and communicating about these risks with others


After completing this course, you’ll have knowledge and practical skills in:
• The legal requirements for risk assessment
• Identifying hazards
• How to assess risks
• How to control risks
• Monitoring and review of risks
• How to communicate and consult about risk assessment

This course has an on-course assessment.


$595 + GST per student

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