Creating Effective Health & Safety Committees


Unit Standard: US 19340

Starting a new health and safety committee? Has your existing committee become inactive? This course will kick-start and revitalise your meetings.

Learn how to use meeting time effectively and efficiently to drive performance and monitor progress. Best practice health and safety systems depend on communication and co-operation between parties, as well as highly motivated staff. These key elements are often overlooked in safety programmes.

The course uses a range of practical group exercises and scenarios. Your specific company documentation can be included on request.

This course is ideal for all members of the health and safety committee and all health and safety representatives. This course is also delivered as part of Health and Safety Representative Stage 4.


After completing this course, you’ll have knowledge and practical skills in:
• Current legislative requirements of involvement of employees in the New Zealand workplace
• What a committee should comprise of, how they should be run, common pitfalls, and what makes an effective health and safety committee
• Effective communication channels, conflict resolution, and when to consider using an external expert
• Planning and preparation, running a meeting, taking minutes, understanding how to communicate effectively, working as a team, and how to motivate others


$2700 + GST up to 12 students and $149 for each additional student (max of 16)