Confined space planning and hazard identification


Unit Standard: US 17599

The hazards common to confined spaces can be difficult to detect without knowledge and specialist equipment. Anyone who enters a confined space must have a good understanding of the specific hazards and control measures involved.

Work in confined spaces is potentially very dangerous — there have been many fatal accidents in confined spaces in New Zealand. Every detail must be carefully planned and managed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

This course is essential for supervisors and managers who are responsible for planning and managing work in confined spaces, and workers who are required to, or might unknowingly enter a confined space.

We strongly recommend that Gas Testing (US 3058) or Atmospheric Testing (US 25510) is completed alongside this course.


After completing this course, you’ll have the knowledge and practical skills to:
• Identify hazards and controls within confined spaces
• Identify and implement control measures to eliminate, isolate, and minimise the risk of hazards
• Demonstrate knowledge of confined spaces, their permit notification, and implementation requirements
• Complete documentation required for confined space entry
• Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing requirements
• Develop an emergency procedure plan
• Describe the responsibilities and duties of workers entering confined spaces or conducting observation duties for confined spaces


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