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Incident Reporting & Investigation

Duration: 1-day Unit Standard: US 17601 This course explains how incidents occur, how causes should be identified, and how to investigate and write an incident report. Effective incident reporting and investigation procedures are key for any company who wants to prevent re-occurrences of incidents. The course can be tailored to use your own internal procedures for investigation, reporting, ... Read more

Atmospheric Testing

Unit Standard: US 25510 This course introduces trainees to atmospheric hazards and explains how and why they are hazardous, how to recognise them, and how to test and monitor for them. This course is essential for staff who work in environments where there are atmospheric hazards, but do not work in an industry where the risk is higher due to hazards such as chemicals and energy sources. We re... Read more

Auditing Health & Safety Systems

Duration: 2-day course Unit Standard: US 5619 Auditing is one of the most valuable tools for management to be kept informed about the actual status of their health and safety management system. A health and safety management system gives you the management framework and enables your auditors to monitor performance so you can propose and implement improvements as required. This intensive cour... Read more

Breathing Apparatus Refresher

Unit Standards: US 3272 and US 25044 Breathing Apparatus training is an essential component of many every day work activities, from firefighting, confined space entry, rescue operations, inspections in chemical, dairy, and gas plants. Trainees will experience a range of scenarios that will ensure they can respond and make effective decisions in the rescue process. You’ll learn a range of rescue ... Read more

Confined Space Entry & Gas Testing Refresher

This refresher covers two courses: Confined Space Entry and Gas Testing. Confined Space Entry Working in confined spaces significantly increases the risks to a worker’s health and safety. The tasks and space can combine in dangerous ways, such as low workable atmosphere levels, increased risk of combustion, or difficulty in extracting workers safely. This means that when you’re working in a con... Read more

Confined space planning and hazard identification

Unit Standard: US 17599 The hazards common to confined spaces can be difficult to detect without knowledge and specialist equipment. Anyone who enters a confined space must have a good understanding of the specific hazards and control measures involved. Work in confined spaces is potentially very dangerous — there have been many fatal accidents in confined spaces in New Zealand. Every detail mus... Read more

Contractor Management

Duration: 1-day course Unit Standard: US17595 The Contractor Management course uses scenario-based activities and gives you practical solutions to some potentially difficult and costly problems. You’ll learn how to: • Manage contractor assessments and inductions • Assess safety systems • Understand the requirements to consult, cooperate, and coordinate • Lead on-site inspections and evaluate pl... Read more

Creating Effective Health & Safety Committees

Unit Standard: US 19340 Starting a new health and safety committee? Has your existing committee become inactive? This course will kick-start and revitalise your meetings. Learn how to use meeting time effectively and efficiently to drive performance and monitor progress. Best practice health and safety systems depend on communication and co-operation between parties, as well as highly motivated... Read more

Energy Isolation

Duration: 1-day Unit Standard: US 25043 Energy sources in the workplace need to be controlled and often isolated to safely access machinery or any mechanised system. Incidents occur when there’s a lack of isolation systems and a lack of employee knowledge of the hazards associated with plant and equipment. This course is for anyone who is required to perform operational or maintenance duties an... Read more

Fire & Emergency Wardens Duties

Unit Standard: US 18408 Trained and competent fire wardens are a vital asset for any organisation. Fire is one of the few preventable disasters that has the potential to destroy an entire site and cause multiple fatalities: it also spreads with frightening speed. Trained fire wardens will ensure your staff evacuate the building safely and quickly every time. They also understand fire hazards an... Read more