Currently we offer a Risk Manager application specifically for use on tablet and mobile phones, available on both iOS and Android (Google Play) app stores.

 Risk Manager App screenshots 2

To make your Risk Manager user experience more consistent, we are enhancing the web-based application to be fully mobile-responsive. So, you will get the same simple, user-friendly functionality whether viewing Risk Manager on your phone or desktop, without the need to use a separate native mobile app.


As we are focusing on developing this mobile responsive solution, the native Risk Manager app will be retired on 31st October 2021. This means it will not be available for download on the iOS or Android app stores and will no longer receive technical support, after this date. 


What do you need to do?

  • If you already have the Risk Manager mobile app, you can continue to use this but it will no longer be updated or technically supported from 31st October 2021
  • If you still want to download the native Risk Manager app between now and 31 October 2021, this will still be available in the IOS App Store. The native Risk Manager app is not available via the Android (Google Play) store, but you can download it safely and securely straight from us (this is called sideloading). To do this follow the instructions in our Help Guide.


Please note: When you download the native Risk Manager app you agree to having Google Analytics cookies on your device. The app uses these to collect data on users and their browsing behaviour. Don’t worry, this data is anonymous, so you can’t be identified as an individual. Read more in Google Analytics Terms of Service and IMPAC's Privacy Policy

If you have any questions please email rmsupport@impac.co.nz.