Are you doing enough to demonstrate you can work safely? 


Increasingly businesses who engage Contractors require contractors to undertake (or have undertaken) some form of assessment before they can access their workplace or site or win a tender for work. 


For many businesses (including you if you engage other organisations to do work for you) one of the biggest areas of risk is the use of contractors who are often engaged to undertake non-core work which impinges directly on the core operation of the organisation.

To try and help reduce the risk, contractor pre-qualification schemes are often used to screen potential service providers.

Our research among many businesses who employ contractors demonstrates a wide variety of practices from the minimal to the overbearing.

There appears to be a common and strong appetite for a more efficient and effective process to enable the risks to be better managed.



Once you have undertaken the PREQUAL assessment process, you are able to advise any potential employer that you have already been assessed, so this removes a potential barrier for them considering you for their work.


Other benefits include: 

  • Only one prequalification to satisfy a large number of potential employers
  • Significant cost and time savings
  • Meaningful feedback
  • Opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Marketing opportunity to some of New Zealand’s leading Clients.