We know just how time consuming it can be for you to identify a good contractor, do the due diligence and then get them on board. 

Let us help you with this!  At PREQUAL, assessing contractors is what we do all day, everyday.


PREQUAL is IMPACs' industry wide answer to your need for a rigorous and independent service to pre-qualify contractors.

Because all contractors are assessed by independent industry specialists, because they're qualified and ready to go, and because you can check a contractor's pre-qualification record at any time, PREQUAL gives you genuine peace of mind.

Not only will you have 100% confidence in your contractors, we'll take care of the paperwork for you. 


Do your contractors present a significant risk?

Managing contractors effectively is crucial to your company’s operational, legal and financial performance, as well as ensuring staff, contractors and the public get home safely to their families. 

For many businesses one of the biggest areas of risk is the use of contractors who are often engaged to undertake non-core work, but which impinges directly on the core operation of the organisation. Managing these contractors effectively is therefore crucial from an operational, legal and, financial perspective.

Our research with businesses who employ contractors demonstrates a wide variety of practices from the minimal to the overbearing.

PREQUAL is New Zealand's first high-value, low cost solution to streamline and simplify the contractor screening process, delivering a better and more cost effective way to manage your health and safety outcomes.



Prequal takes care of the heavy lifting involved in pre-qualifying contractors, giving you all the information you need about a contractors’ health and safety capabilities.  This enables you to make a more informed contractor selection and provides the peace of mind that you’ve engaged contractors who will get the job done safely.  

Subscribing to PREQUAL will save you and your business the hassle and admin costs of assessing contractors’ information, chasing documents and maintaining up-to-date records.  This frees up your internal resources to focus on other important business matters.  


Other benefits include: 

  • Significant cost and time savings
  • Access to a large range of independently assessed contractors
  • Prequalification handled by a specialist organisation
  • Consistent, auditable process
  • Increased confidence in contractor accreditation outcomes
  • Confirmation that the contractor has current and adequate insurance 
  • Helps identify the contractors’ commitment to supporting your H&S aspirations.


Providing a robust contractor pre-qualification process is recognised as a vital first component of a comprehensive contractor health and safety management system that, when properly applied, will help provide the desired outcomes.