Checkmate Covid Clean

One of the critical actions for a safe return to work under COVID-19 Lockdown Level 3 or less is ensuring a regular and comprehensive cleaning regime, with trackable reporting.

For public facing businesses, the Checkmate COVID Clean solution is designed to reassure customers and staff that your business has a thorough cleaning program in place to help protect their health.

For people-centric organisations, agencies and institutions, Checkmate COVID Clean provides trackable proof and assurance that cleaning protocols are being met.


Why is Checkmate COVID Clean important?

  • Provides real proof that cleaning protocols and cycles are met.
  • Delivers assurance and accurate reporting to the Officers, Executive and Managers of an organisation or business that key activities to be a Covid-19 “Safe Business” are being met.
  • Delivers assurance and accurate reporting to External Agencies if required (e.g. WorkSafe, Ministry of Health) that key activities to be a Covid-19 “Safe Business” are being completed.
  • Delivers assurance to staff, managers and customers that thorough cleaning programmes are in place to help protect their health.
  • Saves time, resource and cost – at a time when businesses are most stretched – through a deceptively simple digital solution.


What is Checkmate COVID Clean?

  • Use the Near Field Communication (NFC) digital functionality and reporting of Checkmate to provide assurance and proof that cleaning is done as required.
  • This system, powered by Checkmate, provides independent, auditable proof that inspections have occurred at the TIME, PLACE, and FREQUENCY required.


How does it work?

  • Place COVID Clean tags around key areas of your business.
  • Staff simply tap the inspection tag and complete the Cleaning Check using the mobile app.
  • Once all checks have been completed, the master LED signs are tapped to confirm the site has been rigorously cleaned and checked.
  • Notifications are sent for any checks missed and reports generated for any issues identified so they can be quickly addressed.
Safety Notice


What does it cost?

Checkmate COVID Clean system is a low touch, low cost, smart tech solution, that simply requires the purchase of tags and master LED devices to implement; and a low monthly licence fee.

Android phone is required – we can provide these at minimal cost if required.

(Note: this service is complimentary for Checkmate customers)