Safety Leadership for Managers


This course uses scenario based activities to facilitate learning and gives practical solutions to some potentially difficult and costly problems.

Why manage health and safety? Refresh your attitudes and values towards health and safety at work
Duties and rights under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Understand the key points of our new health and safety legislation, including the purpose of th e Act, the meaning of ‘reasonably practicable’, key duties and duty-holders, and the importance of worker engagement and participation.
Leadership and organisational culture. Explore how the culture of an organisation influences health and safety outcomes, and the role of leaders at all levels in fostering a climate where a great culture of health and safety can develop.
Health and safety risk management. Get to grips with the practicalities of identifying hazards and controlling risks, using examples and hands-on activities. Reaffirm the importance of involving the right people, and effectively communicating and consulting when putting health and safety into practice.
Reporting and investigating incidents. Find out why it can be so hard for people to be open and honest when things go wrong, and how to best respond so that learning happens, rather than blaming.
Leadership in practice - solutions and commitments. Explore some tried and tested practical tools that will make an immediate positive impact on health and safety (and much more) in your workplace.


The course lays a solid foundation in health and safety principles and practice for managers, supervisors and team leaders. It provides the must-have knowledge you need to step up to your responsibilities, and a starting point to developing skills and behaviours that will have a lasting positive impact on you and your organisation. The course also acts as a spring board to more advanced courses such as IOSH Managing Workplace Safety.

Who will benefit?

This course is a must have for all managers, supervisors and team leaders who are serious about seeing real benefits from effectively managing health and safety.


$350 per student