Preventing & Managing DPI


Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

Defining DPI, the different types of DPI, risk factors and key symptoms of DPI, and how DPI develops

How DPI can be prevented through design ergonomics, environmental ergonomics and good work organisation

Key workplace exercises to help reduce the development of DPI

Address early reporting of symptoms, staff monitoring, and the development of a rehabilitation plan.


What is DPI? Since June 2006 the DPI (Discomfort, Pain and Injury) Programme has been ACC’s approach to addressing musculoskeletal issues in the workplace. It provides tools, information and training for those responsible for workplace health and safety, and also for professionals who work in health, injury prevention and injury management. This course builds understanding of the causes and symptoms, describes methods to prevent the development of DPI and how to manage the risks to staff experiencing symptoms.

This course is usually offered as a 1 day course along with Preventing Back Injuries and is ideal for all employees, supervisors and managers who are involved in repetitive, forceful work or sustained postures where there is a risk of DPI.


$225 per student