IOSH Managing Workplace Safety


Module 1: Managing workplace safety – an introduction
Explore the meanings of ‘safety’ and ‘health’, relevance to business success, key H&S responsibilities and legal requirements as per current and impending New Zealand legislation. Describe what is meant by a culture of safety, and influencing factors including leadership actions.

Module 2: Hazards, harm and risk
Explore hazard identification, different types of harm and targets for harm including people, the environment, and business. Explain the concept of risk, and identify a range of factors to consider when assessing risk, and apply concepts to a practical scenario.

Module 3: Controlling risks
Explore the concept of initial and residual risk, the hierarchy of control measures, human factors that influence risk control, and effective monitoring and review strategies. Apply using a practical example.

Module 4: Common workplace hazards
Outline the mechanisms of harm and control measures for common workplace hazards, and apply to a practical scenario.

Module 5: Incident investigation
Explore why it is important to report and investigate health and safety related incidents, effective investigation process, multiple causation analysis and root cause analysis, and key human factors considerations. Complete a simple investigation using a practical scenario.

Module 6: Measuring performance and safety leadership
Explore health and safety management systems, the use of leading and lagging indicators, and implications for Directors practicing due diligence. Describe key H&S leadership tools and practices, and identify personal steps to action for immediate positive change in the organisation, using a self-assessment safety culture and leadership checklist.


Managing Workplace Safety provides an introduction to the practical application of health and safety principles and practices for non-specialists. The course is highly interactive, and allows delegates to put into practice the principles they learn.

Who will benefit?

The course is particularly suitable for managers and supervisors responsible for implementing health and safety in industrial and other high risk environments.


$1,325 per student