Injury Management


Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills to:

Describe why injuries need to be managed and the role of the

Representative in injury management

Provide an overview of the Accident Compensation Act, and understand its terms and definitions

Explain entitlements under the Accident Compensation Act

Explain early reporting and intervention requirements

Identify employee and employer responsibilities under the ACC partnership programme

Describe the claim lodgement process and requirements for a rehabilitation plan

Complete exercises to gain familiarity with interpreting requirements

Encourage your employer to provide alternative duties and give them ideas as to the things that could be done

Identify the range of physical, emotional, financial and social costs of incidents

Describe what injury costs can be covered under ACC

Help prevent injury, work-related injury claims and rehabilitation costs.


Effective injury management is a co-ordinated process to help workers to recover from injury in the shortest appropriate timeframe. The goal is for injured workers to return to their pre-injury state as early as possible. In this course we develop understanding of injury management principles which can be used to underpin effective policies, procedures and resourcing.

This course is ideal for employees at supervisory and management level, and essential for all staff involved in the claims and injury management process. Employers who are in the ACC Partnership Programme or Workplace Safety Management Practices will also benefit through better audit results.


$250 per student