ICAM Governance Workshop


Knowledge and understanding:

Why ICAM is important and why you might not initially like what it uncovers

The long-term benefits of ICAM - no pain no gain

ICAM principles and the concepts of multiple causation and root cause analysis

Organisational and human factors and their role in accident investigation

Responsibility, accountability and organisational learning

Legal privilege - investigation findings and confidentiality

Key components of effective ICAM governance.


Directors and senior managers of ICAM practicing organisations should understand the ICAM methodology and how recommendations are derived from it. For ICAM investigations to be truly effective there must be informed support from a senior level and a willingness to review, accept and implement challenging recommendations. This half-day course provides a high-level overview of the ICAM process and discusses key organisational management perspectives.

This course is designed for directors and senior managers within an organisation where ICAM investigations are practiced and who are responsible for commissioning investigations and/or receiving investigation reports.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, but we prefer candidates to have some general knowledge and experience of accident investigation.


$300 per student