HSR Stage 1

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Duration: 2-day course
Unit Standard: US 29315

Health and Safety Representative Stage 1 helps you to understand your role and responsibilities as a representative and meet minimum regulatory requirements for training.

New Health and Safety at Work Act regulations have substantially increased the importance and authority of health and safety representatives (HSRs), making this course a must.

Learning from this course is formally recognised by NZQA and will provide a good grounding for participants to complete more advanced health and safety qualifications.

This course has been designed for:
• Any employee elected or appointed as a health and safety representative
• Managers who want to fully understand the role of the representative in their workplace


After completing this course, you’ll be able to:
• Understand why health and safety matters
• Identify the rights and responsibilities of health and safety stakeholders
• Describe the risk management process
• Communicate in support of safety and understand the HSR powers
• Describe when and how a HSR can stop unsafe work
• Describe purpose of the Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and when it is and is not appropriate to issue one
• Complete a PIN and requirements for communication to all relevant parties
• Describe a PCBU’s obligations to comply with a PIN or seek regulatory review
• Support workers with post-injury rehabilitation and graduated return to work planning

Assessment Process:
Course participants will be assessed throughout the training using scenario-based activities.


$595 per student

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