Hazard Management Systems Development


Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

    The principles and concepts of hazard management

  • Recognised methods of identifying hazards

  • The application of a risk assessment matrix to assess the significance of and prioritise hazards

  • How to implement the hierarchy of control to hazards by way of taking all practicable steps and the development of a hazard control plan

  • How to assist in monitoring hazards and the hazard management system.


Hazard management is the most important element of a health and safety system. It is important that those who are responsible for implementing parts of a health and safety management system have a thorough understanding of hazard management. If you are serious about identifying, assessing, controlling and monitoring hazards at a level that will ensure systems and legislative compliance, then this course is a must.

This course is ideal for supervisors and managers who have health and safety responsibilities and all health and safety advisors. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment US 17602 is a pre-requisite for this course.


$350 per student