Hazard Identification & Permit Issuer


Students who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills to:
A broad understanding of hazards and harm
The legal requirements relating to hazard identification and control
Identify hazards
Explain work permit procedures and requirements
Ensure the need for a work permit is properly identified and the worksite is prepared accordingly
Issue a work permit for a range of different types of work requiring permitting
Monitor and close the work permit
Audit work permits
Complete a practical activity around permit issuing.


Hazard identification is one of the most crucial elements of a health and safety management system. This course provides an overview of the different types of hazards, how they should be identified, assessed, controlled and monitored. For in-house courses we can use your own company’s policies, procedures and forms
It is standard practice to control non-routine and hazardous work activities through a permit to work system. However, permit systems only function effectively when personnel are trained in its use. Some well-known major industrial accidents have been caused in part by the breakdown of a permit system. This course covers the key requirements of the role of Permit Issuer. We are able to refer to your specific company permit systems and documentation as requested during the course.
This course is essential for any person who issues safe work permits in the workplace, and for those intending to set up a permit system.


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